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AOCD–250 is an outdoor curtain motion detector which belongs to
the group of perimeter protection devices. It is designed to work as
part of the two–way wireless ABAX system. It is ideally suited for use
both on the outside of the protected building, and in the interiors
where difficult or specific environmental conditions prevail (in halls,
shelters, sheds etc.). The AOCD–250 detector has two motion
detection circuits ‒ PIR and MW. The dual technology, in conjunction
with the algorithm of detector auto–tuning to the environmental
conditions, provides high immunity to false alarms and hence stable
operation in harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sunshine
and strong gusts of wind. The device offers correct performance in
a wide range of temperatures from –40°C to +55°C, with the
ambient temperature changes being automatically compensated.
The AOCD–250 curtain detector is characterized by a narrow
detection angle of only 10 degrees and a range of 14 m. At that
distance, the emitted beam (curtain) has a width of approx. 1 m. It is
possible to install an accessory enclosure cover with the Fresnel lens
AOCD–CL, which has an increased beam density and offers
a maximum detection range of 10 m. Sensitivity of the detection
circuits is configured remotely by using the DLOADX program.
Because of the efficient energy management, the detector can
operate for a long time ‒ up to three years ‒ without
battery replacement.
What is also unique is the device enclosure, which is made using the
two–component injection molding technology. The thus received
splash–proof, IP54 rated design protects the AOCD–250 electronics
against harmful atmospheric phenomena. In addition, the detector
enclosure has high mechanical strength and is resistant to
UV radiation.
Design of the AOCD–250 detector enables it to be mounted directly on a flat surface. The detector can also be mounted using a dedicated angle bracket (at fixed
90° inclination angle). When installing the detector inside the building, you can also use adjustable brackets such as BRACKET A oraz BRACKET B.
The AOCD–250 detector curtain meets the EN 50131 Grade 2 security requirements.
two detection circuits: PIR and microwave
splash–proof polycarbonate enclosure, IP54 rated
tamper protection against opening and removal from mounting surface
remote configuration of detection circuit sensitivity from DLOADX program
can be installed directly on flat surface or by using dedicated angle bracket
power source: 3 V CR123A lithium battery

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