ThinKNX: MICRO Server

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Thinknx Micro Server

Although the small dimensions, this server is a powerful device designed for KNX. Through its KNX bus connector it can control lights, rollers, thermostats, HVAC and through a powerful processor it can elaborate complex logic operation on the data read from KNX. These data can also be stored in the cloud and elaborated in charts displayed on the client apps or sent via e-mail. Another important feature consists in the control of IR transmitters, which allows to control TVs and different multimedia devices through smartphones or tablets. This device provides also integration for IP doorcoms, Philips Hue and BTicino MyHome.

  Fanless processing device optimized for continuous operation

  Mass memory on MicroSD

  Power: 12-24 VDC - 1A Max

  1x EIB/KNX port with direct connection through clips

  1x network port

  KNX telegrams led

  Consumption 1 Watt

Upgrades for Micro

Doorcom and PBX
Extended report with unlimited storage Philips Hue
BTicino – Legrand MyHome

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