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Remote control keyfob for PERFECTA system

MPT-350 is a keyfob designed for control of the systems based on PERFECTA 16-WRL and PERFECTA 32-WRL control panels. It is also supported by MTX-300 controller. It works one-way at 433 MHz and is characterized by a transmission range of up to 400 m (in open area). It has 5 buttons to which up to 6 control functions can be assigned. Thus, in addition to arming and disarming the system, the keyfob provides other functions as well. For example, it can control equipment connected to the system (garage door, roller shutters, etc.), call for help (panic alarm) and so on. The control buttons are located in a special recess to prevent them from being pushed accidentally. The device comes with an aesthetically pleasing and durable enclosure, which protects it against harsh environmental conditions.

  • supported by PERFECTA 16-WRL, PERFECTA 32-WRL control panels and MTX-300 controller (version 1.01.002 or higher)
  • 5 buttons with function assignment capability
  • ergonomic enclosure preventing buttons from being pushed accidentally

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