ABB-KNX: Power supply for KNX system, 640 mA

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The EIB Power Supply produces and monitors the EIB system voltage. The bus line is decoupled from the power supply with the integrated choke. The power supply is connected to the bus line with a bus connection terminal.
A reset is triggered by pressing the reset push button and lasts for 20 seconds (regardless of the duration of the push button action). The bus line is disconnected from the power supply and the bus devices connected to this bus line are returned to their initial state. If the line should be disconnec-ted for a longer period, the bus connection terminal must be removed from the power supply.
A 30 V DC auxiliary voltage is made available via an additional connection terminal. This voltage can be used to supply a further bus line (in connection with a separate choke). The 30 V DC auxiliary voltage may not be used for other purposes.

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